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United Janitorial Supply has been serving South West Arizona for over 50 years starting in Yuma AZ and have over 10,000 products ready to distribute to your local business.  We are local in Yuma, AZ which means we can physically come over and assess your current processes how you could improve.
The first step is to contact us and we can personally come over and give you a free assessment and quote.

Don't Waste Products

Many products serve the same purpose – use the right one for the job and save time and money


Many people don’t even know what products they have.  By simply taking an inventory of your products and having a systematic organization structure you can get the full use of your products during their shelf life and your employees will know which products are available for each cleaning task.

Improve Your Processes

Often we come across companies that aren’t efficient in their methods of cleaning.  Some of your products can eliminate certain stages of cleaning.  By using the correct product and cleaning process you can save time and money.

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